Life Transition Doulas

Your End-of-Life Care Team

Life transitions are periods of transformation that mark major changes in your life, including the end of your life. No doubt, this critical life transition can be overwhelming. You will feel a range of emotions, from fear and uncertainty to sadness and loss, sometimes all at once.

At this critical life transition, you and your family will need lots of support and will have all kinds of questions…

  • Are my advance directives complete?
  • Have I chosen powers-of-attorney who will truly speak on my behalf and support and follow my wishes?
  • How will I get to appointments with my medical team, and then try to understand all of the details being thrown my way?
  • How will I leave a legacy after I am gone?
  • Who will support me and my family and be there to the end, so I can have a death that is free from avoidable suffering and distress and follows my wishes?
wayne & sandy at nowhere landscape

Sandy Travis and Wayne Beamer founded Life Transition Doulas to help people prepare for their eventual death with advance care planning and guide them through a terminal illness.

You will need all of the emotional care, logistical support, practical advice and loving guidance by your side during this life transition. We’ve been there helping friends, family and people in their time of need for more than 25 years.

Sandy and Wayne provide comfort through direct, compassionate communication with you, your family and every member of your care team.

Everything from scheduling and attending doctor appointments and making funeral arrangements to sharing a laugh with you and your family over a box of cookies and your favorite beverage… this is what we do.

We are not afraid to ask the tough questions. We are trained and certified doulas who will guide you and empower you through this end-of-life process.

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